Herts. Closed Rules

HSRA County Closed Rules

You must be eligible to play squash for Hertfordshire, ie. you dont play squash for another county team!
You must also either have been born or live in Hertfordshire.
PAR scoring up to 15 for all competitions except the Men’s A which will be PAR 11; all matches the best out of 5 games
The loser of the 1st round will be entered into the plate where possible.
The organisers reserve the right to merge age groups where necessary.
The winner of each match must mark the following match on the same court.
The finals will be marked by a qualified referee.
Dunlop balls will be used.
Entry Fee to be paid in advance.  Any withdrawals must be notified as soon as possible, withdrawals after the closing date (see entry form) will not be refunded.
England Squash and Racketball rules for conduct apply.

HSRA Committee October 2016

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