Herts 1st Team National Champions !

Herts 1st Team National Champions !

The weekend of 28-29th April saw the Hertfordshire Men’s Senior Squash team crowned the National County Champions in Nottingham. It is great to see the team return to the top of the pile, having last won the championship in 2014 and only one year after regaining promotion to the premier division. This success is a ringing endorsement of the work the County, Clubs and players have put in to developing the very best talent Hertfordshire has to offer. It should also be seen as a triumph that so many of our elite players still take pride in representing our county – with all of this year’s team having represented Hertfordshire throughout the junior age groups and now our senior county team. Three of this years’ team are also tour professionals, with our number 1 Adrian Waller, having recently won a Commonwealth Games silver medal. We hope that representing the County’s senior team remains a genuine goal for all juniors and seniors alike.

The whole weekend was an intense affair with each match going down to the wire but with Hertfordshire eventually claiming three successive 3-2 victories. At this level, the margin between defeat and victory is often very small with both the semi-final and final going down to the deciding string. In both cases, our number 2 Joe Green produced solid performances to get his team over the line. This winning role was however only made possible by strong performances elsewhere in the team. One other notable performance was Nick Mulvey’s return from the brink in the final, being 2-0 down and many match-balls down before pulling it out of the bag. He didn’t move for 40 minutes following the match!

The winning team this year


Adrian Waller

Joe Green

Nick Mulvey

Keith Timms

Laurence Green

Philip Waller


Game 1                Hertfordshire vs Surrey                               3-2


Adrian Waller     v  Charles Sharpes           3-2          12/10 7/11 11/6 9/11 11/3

Joe Green           v   Charlie Lee                    0-3          (2-1) 10/12 14/12  8/11

Nick Mulvey       v   Matthew Broadberry  3-0          11/6 11/7 12/10

Keith Timms       v   Paul Broadberry         3-0          11/5 11/4 11/6

Laurence Green v   Tom Bailey                   0-3          2/11 5/11 8/11


Game 2 (semi-final)        Hertfordshire vs Kent                    3-2


Adrian Waller     v   Joshua Masters          3-1          6/11 11/5 11/9 12/10

Joe Green           v    Ben Ford                      3-0          11/8 11/7 11/5

Nick Mulvey       v    Brad Masters              3-0          5/11 11/5 7/11 11/4 11/9

Keith Timms       v    Ted Jeal                      1-3          13/15 11/3 7/11 8/11

Philip Waller       v    Steve London            1-3          8/11 5/11 11/9 4/11


Game 3 (Final)                 Hertfordshire vs Sussex                 3-2


Adrian Waller    v     Tim Vail                     3-0          11/5 11/6 11/5

Joe Green           v     Tom Walsh                3-1          11/9 6/11 11/7 11/8

Nick Mulvey       v     Curtis Malik              3-2          12/14 9/11 12/10 12/10 11/8

Laurence Green v     Lucas Hughes           2-3          8/11 7/11 11/7 13/11 8/11

Philip Waller       v     Perry Malik               1-3          5/11 11/13 12/10 6/11








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