Ladies Squash Event Saturday 11th June

Ladies Squash Event Saturday 11th June

This is a new event that, if all goes well and everyone enjoys it, I would like to make an annual event that we can build on in future years.  Please forward this information to anyone you know who would be interested, i.e. people you used to play in a team with.

My aim is to bring all lady squash players, current and retired, young and old, together once a year, so they can keep in touch, catch up and feel part of the amazing bond that we all share through playing the wonderful game of squash!

The day will be held at Nuffield St Albans on Saturday 11th June 2016.

From feedback I have received, the majority of ladies would like to play some squash and then have food afterwards.    The format of the day is not set in stone as yet, but my intention is to start around 12 noon and we will be able to have the courts until 5.30p.m.  Depending on numbers I intend to run a competition, it will probably be in a box format with each box having a court to play their games on. For those who haven’t played for quite a few years, there will hopefully be a court that you can go on and brush the cobwebs away and see if you can still hit a ball!  Then,  the winners and runners up from each box will go forward to play further knock out rounds, until we have a winner! There may be a minimal fee of £2 to play in the competition (if there is I will collect on the day), everything else will be free.   Those who do not want to play or can’t play squash can come along, watch and socialise whilst the games are going on or just come along to the buffet in the evening.   Those who play and finish earlier can have a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake and sit and watch the squash!

We will then provide a buffet meal, probably from 6.30-7p.m. onwards; I will make sure that we have wine and beer!  In the evening I will present the Ladies League Winners with their shields and also present the winner of the competition with a special trophy.  I am also working on getting some very nice prizes! (fingers crossed!)


Please email me directly and as soon as possible to let me know:

         a) if you will/will not be attending                                                    Yes/No

         b) if you would like to play squash and stay for the buffet       Squash + Food

         c) if you will only be coming along for the buffet                         Food

         d) if you only want to play squash                                                      Squash

I will need this information to ascertain numbers for competition and buying food.

Please forward this information onto to any lady squash player you are still in touch with who you think would be interested in coming along and meeting old friends.  I hope I will reach all ladies who are currently playing in the leagues but please discuss with your team mates just in case they don’t receive the email.

I very much look forward to hearing from you all and am really excited at the thought of getting everyone together. Your speedy response would be much appreciated.

Isobel Smith   –

Herts Squash Rackets Association

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